Strong Chicks Circuit Training

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Strong Chicks is a circuit style strength and conditioning class designed to meet the needs of active women. This fast paced class incorporates dynamic exercises that use several muscle groups at once to build strength and improve resistance to injury.

A typical class consists of a warm up and 3-4 circuits. An example circuit might consist of pull ups, push ups, box jumps or step ups, and side planks, followed by another circuit involving rows with a suspension trainer, lunges, swiss ball hamstring curls, and tricep presses. Exercises change every class to keep things fun, interesting, and challenging.

Classes are led by our very own Samantha Todd, DPT. Class can be a little intense, so instructor permission is required for participation. We want to prevent injuries, not cause them! Sam sends out an email invite every week so that she can plan class accordingly, please get in touch if you are interested in trying out class. Classes are capped at 8 participants to allow for appropriate individualized coaching.