Tips for Self Management of Plantar Fasciitis

Fascia is another name for connective tissue that provides a frame to support the entire body. The thick fascia on the bottom of your foot is stronger than most fascia to allow weight bearing and walking. The plantar fascia can cause pain when a person is standing on it or when they are at rest, causing significant impairments. Plantar fascitiis is very common and there are many self help techniques. [...]

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Preventing Shoulder Injuries

Common Paddling Injuries and Injury Prevention Tips By Samantha Todd, DPT It has been another hot summer in the gorge, and a great one to get out on the water. For those of you who SUP, paddle a canoe, or a kayak, you probably already know that the most injured body part for paddlers is the shoulder. The most serious injuries are generally suffered by white water enthusiasts when rolling or falling [...]

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